General meeting 1st March 2015 – minutes

Minutes of General Meeting of The Friends of Wandle Park at the Park Café, 1.00 pm Sunday 1st March 2015. (Word copy)

In attendance:
Nick Barnett (Chair), Maya Thakur–Bogdanowicz, Catherine Graham, Ursula Dyke, Pete Lister, Simon Jones (Treasurer), Tom Smith (L.B. Croydon), Roger Reynolds, Andrew Dickinson, George Wright (Secretary)

Irma Upex-Huggins, Ann and Martin Harvey, Paulette Garvey.

Park Activities:
Tom produced copies of an impressive pamphlet showing the programme for this year. The Friends will assist and support these. We could have a stall at the Garden Party but Tom will need “hands on” help to extend beyond what he did last year.

It was agreed The Friends could be active in park and river cleaning.

Catherine pointed out “The Big Dig” day in London is 22nd March and anyone interested could turn up to help at the Community Garden from 10 00am on that day.

George will ask Tom for Pictures to support the application for Capital Clean Up kits and cash. The deadline for submission is 16th March.

Access to Wandle Park funding:
It was agreed George would put the link to The Big Green money bid on Facebook to encourage park users to vote for funding to make access to Wandle Park safer and easier.

Park Litter problems:
The cleaning in the park has improved a lot but attention is needed to the entrance points. Clearly, access to rubbish on what may be TfL or Tramlink land needs to be clarified first to avoid trespass.

Meeting times:
We agreed the dates, times and types of meeting need to be agreed and clearly communicated. We have 3 types of meeting now (outside of the A.G.M), which are Informal (just to exchange ideas, recruit new members – not minuted), General (open to all Friends, minuted) and Committee (Committee members only, minuted).

All meetings will be in the Café (unless we have access problems, when another near-by venue would be notified) from 1 to 2 on the first Sunday of each month. Using format agreed today, dates / types of meeting for 2015 are as follows:-

6.9.15 GENERAL
4.10.15 INFORMAL
1.11.15 INFORMAL

Subscriptions: Are to remain at the nominal £1 per person. Email or paper receipts to be given. All subs due 1.7.15 or at time of joining.

Website: Agreed we put a link to our very good new website at on the FOWP Facebook site.

All submissions for our website to go to Maya or Irma, who have editorial control. The Committee are happy to advise if they encounter any dilemmas.

River Monitoring: We will revive the Friend’s monitoring of the Wandle river in the park and approach Wandle Trust to train new Pollution Assessment Volunteers.

Café: Tom confirmed the Leasee had given up. Croydon Council will be a lot tighter on contract compliance on next tendering.

The Friends maintain an interest in the Cafe being a community resource but accept this would be big project to take on without other input.

Friend’s ‘uniform’: Roger produced a fetching little black number in a tshirt with our logo embroidered on. Costs are £9 and £16 for heavier, zip version. There was some thought we needed our name in big letters on the back but this would increase the price. At present individual orders seem to be best. Nick modelled the t-shirt to circulate to the Friends. We then need to let Roger know the level of take-up / response.

Park Gates: The gates on Cornwall Road are being left unlocked. George will email Tom on this one as he had to conduct a tour and lock up the Café.

The meeting ended at this point. See minutes above for next meeting.

Items not raised due to lack of time :
St Edmunds Church,
Drinking Fountain,
Children’s Play area,
Gate to South Quarter


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