Friends AGM 17 Sept 2017 – Minutes

Held in Wandle Park Café at 12 noon on Sunday 17th September 2017 
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IN ATTENDANCE: (The names in bold below were subsequently elected to the Committee)
Cathy Aitchison (New Treasurer), Malcolm Bell, Kumiko Akatsuka (part), Andrew Dickinson, Ursula Dyke, Donald Ekekhomen, Catherine Graham, (New Chair), Janet Jones, Simon Jones, Matthew Lucas, Jamie McCreghan, Sarah-Jane Sewell, Peter Spring, Luke Springthorpe, George Wright (Re-elected Secretary)

APOLOGIES: Mohammed Ali, Irma Upex-Huggins

ENROLMENT OF MEMBERS: All present were enrolled as members, validating their right to vote.  Annual membership of £1 collected.  New members may join on same basis during the year between AGM’s.

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS AGM: Copies were circulated for information but last year’s AGM was not valid due to two failed attempts to make it quorate, therefore there were no matters arising nor any need to agree these.

CONSTITUTION REVIEW: Due to last year’s election difficulties at the AGM, the meeting agreed to vote for new Constitutional amendments to reduce the likelihood of inquoracy.  Details will be provided in a separate Constitution document.

REPORT OF CHAIRPERSON: Because of the lack of an elected Committee last year, George agreed to Chair this meeting until the new Committee was voted in.  He gave a summary of the previous year, saying that it had been a difficult one with just a few Friends acting as a steering group.  A decision had been made to agree Sept 17th 2017 well in advance to build for a new, active, elected Committee and a re-vitalised membership, which had clearly been achieved given today’s attendance. Despite few ‘bodies on the ground’ we had staffed Friends stalls on 3 occasions at The Green Festival, The Party in the Park and The Summer of Love events and produced an information leaflet on the Friends.  Simon had organised an enjoyable Wandle walk from the Park to Carshalton.  We also made a good donation to the Community Garden and incorporated this successful activity into the Friends. The Report was adopted.

REPORT OF THE TREASURER: Simon provided a Financial Statement which showed that we had started the Year with a balance of £401.08 and ended with a current balance of £521.36 but £50 of this was donated by the Wandle Valley Trust specifically to cover the Friends visit to Wandle Industrial Museum on 20th September.  Our main expense during the year was a £93.07 donation to The Community Garden but this was offset by income from books and bric-a-brac. The meeting agreed with Simon that the sums involved did not merit a formal audit unless an independent auditor offered their services gratis. The Report was adopted.

ELECTION OF NEW COMMITTEE: The new Committee was elected as per the names and functions shown in bold at the beginning of this report.  Catherine expressed her appreciation, on behalf of the meeting, to those few members who kept the Friends flag flying until this successful re-launch.  George added that it was refreshing to see so many new members attending and the affection shown to the Park by those who had recently moved nearby.  He hoped in time Committee members would take over some of the wider Committee roles.


  1. Catherine gave an outline of the Community Garden project, which welcomes new Volunteers, seeds, plants and equipment (e.g. spades and forks for children). They meet every Sunday on site by the main gate from 1000 to 1200.
  2. Andrew mentioned that he and a friend had been personally funding the sound system/ artists’ expenses at the Bandstand on Friday evenings. Clearly, while very generous, this is not a satisfactory solution long-term. The Friends agreed it should be a priority to look at funding for this.
  3. Several members agreed that in future Committee Meetings we need to consider (a) locating Funding Streams, (b) Improving our I.T, and (c) encouraging/ developing musicians and performances in the Park
  4. We agreed that we could set up Carol singing along with the Festive Wreath making at Christmas

DATE OF NEXT AGM: Next September – date to be specified in Committee

DATE OF FIRST MEETING OF NEW COMMITTEE: 12.11.17, 12 noon in the Café

DATES OF FULL MEMBER MEETINGS: These remain as the first Sundays of the month where any issues can be raised informally for taking to the Committee if required

Minutes provided by George Wright 1.10.2017