Committee meeting 7th June 2015 – minutes

Committee Meeting of The Friends of Wandle Park  
at the Park Café, 10.30am Sunday 7th June 2015.              (Word copy)

In attendance:
Nick Barnett (Chair), Simon Jones (Treasurer), Catherine Graham, Ursula Dyke, Andrew Dickinson, Jim Bush, Irma Upex-Huggins, Maya Thakur–Bogdanowicz

Apologies: George Wright (Secretary)

Gate to be built at New South Quarter in order to improve access to the park

Discussions between TFL and Barratt are taking place to building crossing of tram link and gate at park’s south quarter. Construction will also include lowering walls and adding fence on walls around area, removing overgrown hedges and bushes which debilitates tram drivers visibility. Construction is expected to take place around December 2015. It will allow residents around nearby complex to have easier access to the park.

Ways of improving awareness of park’s events among nearby building complex

  • Through sending out e-mails to Barratt e-mail groups
  • Applying posters around surrounding area.
  • Investigate if there is a possibility of having notice board once the gate at New South Quarter is completed.

Join Wandle Valley Trust membership

Wandle Park may have access to wider audience and thereby improve public influx into the park by joining trust. Cathy and Nick may investigate further details on Wandle Valley Trust membership.

Poets Anonymous

Commences on 4th July 2015 1pm to 5pm.

Irma Upex-Huggins would like to promote more poetry events. Irma would advise type of help she would require for future events in due course.

High Viz vests

Simon will look into matter further to investigate purchase of High visibility vests, possibly buy 6 large and 6 medium should it be possible and or discuss next step with “Friends of Wandle Park” on it to promote volunteering team.


Members showed a desire to fix upcoming dates for meetings. Nick Barnett to follow up.

Cathy will double check how many meetings are required over the year as per Constitution.

Garden Party

The Friends of Wandle Park have discussed participation in garden party on 26th July 2015.

George is investigating Chess games

Cathy to show kids how to grow plants

Couple of informal walks of Wandle Park led by Simon Jones & Cycle rides led by Jim Bush.

Ursula, Cathy possibly Janet and Maya to help create POM POM activity for kids. Sue from transition town may help.

Friends also discussed contacting Croydon Bee keepers for the party. It will be great fun for kids to make their own candles for £1.

Maya to help with face painting.

It would be a great help if some Friends could help as Stewards.

More volunteers needed for stock throwing game and no one has volunteered.

Items not raised due to lack of time: St Edmunds Church, Drinking Fountain,
Children’s Play area.


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