Committee meeting 5 November 2017 – minutes

(click for the minutes in pdf format: Friends_051117_Committee_minutes )

In Attendance: Catherine Graham (Chair), Cathy Aitchison (Treasurer), George Wright (Secretary), Simon Jones, Peter Spring, Jamie McCreghan, Malcolm Bell

Apologies: – None

Several members were also present to observe the Meeting.

Agenda: – No Formal Agenda was used as organising the next up-coming event was to be the focus along with addressing points identified at the AGM as needing attention at the inaugural Committee meeting.

Report from the Chair: – Catherine provided information on recent activities of The Friends, namely,

  1. Trip to Wandle Industrial Museum. This enjoyable outing was undertaken by minibus and Catherine has written a report and given her thanks to the Funders who covered admission costs, on behalf of the Friends who attended. The Croydon Citizen displayed a photo.
  2. Wandle Visitors Project offers contact with other river associated Friends groups. Via The Wandle Trust guided walks, talks and training are available. The Living Wandle gives advice on making activities more engaging for the public (Sarah Perry).
    Agreed: We will look at any opportunities offered and use them if appropriate.  Catherine cited Block Printing as something the Industrial Museum could offer in their William Morris tradition.

In addition to the above, Catherine mentioned that Andrew Dickinson had kindly agreed with Sahara that a £30 donation she had offered for help given would go the Friends funds.  Any Lottery funding for walks etc ends next Spring.  We need to look at Insurance cover for activities.

Finance:  Our current balance is £431.30. Agreed: Simon and Cathy to finalise handover of Treasurer details

Funding streams: 1. Agreed: A FOWP collecting tin would be provided by George for using to collect donations at the Wreath Making/ Carol Singing and future events. 2.The Big Local” is the term used to access ward budgets for Croydon Council grants and the time to do this is May, after the elections. 3.Seed sales suggested but Catherine said too many problems with viability and disease if the Community Garden were to undertake this. 4. Sponsorship from local businesses, who could have recognition plaques in the park.  FRESHFIELDS was suggested as veg or flower bed sponsor. Jamie and Peter will try to follow this one up. 5. Ask the Council to levy any businesses using the Park for events with a precept to support Friends group(s).  Andrew asked to explore this via his management. 6. Raffles were suggested but there are legal problems.

The Café: This is now Sahara’s sole business focus.  We are very appreciative of her work here. Agreed: Catherine asked to invite Sahara to next Committee meeting.

James Graham: James addressed the Committee about the important Bi-Centennial of The Surrey Iron Railway, a historic ‘first’, that ran alongside the park.  He proposes having a display case including a 3D printer model if possible, along with a display of the route through to Wandsworth and Information Panels.  It could be a mobile display in the Café at one point perhaps and then Croydon Library, for example.  It fits in with Croydon’s City of Culture bid (industrial heritage). Agreed:  The Committee were very positive about the idea and willing to help in any way possible. George asked to look at writing a poem!

St Edmunds Cross. Simon and Janet bravely rescued this beautiful Arts and Crafts era terracotta cross as the demolishers were literally just pulling it down.  Agreed: We will display it on ‘high days and holidays’ we are involved in.

Christmas event: This will be in and around the Café on 3.12.17 with Wreath Making from 1200 to 1430 or so followed by Carol Singing.  Wire, wire cutters, tinsel, ribbon etc would all be helpful along with any appropriate foliage. A £50 spend was agreed for the music (Tim on his harmonium) and £50 to Sahara for mince pies with a request for her to make non-alcoholic punch at 50p a tumbler (which would not be included in our funding) We will have our collecting tin there and a card to say donations to the Friends are welcomed. Agreed. Catherine to approach Sahara, Cathy to liaise with Tim.

Communications. Luke raised the question of improving I.T.  Sarah – Jane (although not here) has set up the Whats App Friends group so all members will be asked to submit their mobile numbers to be invited – via Catherine.

DATE OF NEXT COMMITTEE MEETING: 1200 noon Sunday 4th February 2018