Poetry on a Summer’s Day – 1st July 2018


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Wandle Park Haiku

Six park users sat in Wandle Park Café on the 24th of September to learn how to write park inspired Haiku.  The simple form of three lines, with 17 syllables of 5, 7 and 5, provided an easily learned structure.  I think all the participants were delighted with the work they produced and the enjoyable time they had.  I include below the work they submitted and have used initials to preserve their modesty, although Andrew Dickinson is earning the title of the new Poet Laureate of Park Haiku!

I believe more sessions could be in order and maybe a Haiku Book that could be left in the Café for people to add new haiku?

George Wright

Leaves rustle gently
Autumn breezes shake the trees
Twigs will soon be bare

Children in the sand
Enjoying the autumn sun
Laughing filling pails

Flowing gently now
The river restored to view
Glistens in the sun

They pass cautiously
Dogs and their owners walking
Sharing the same space

Sat in the cafe
Penning haiku together
We get creative

A frog from Frogges Mead
In the meadow liked to feed
Keeping bugs off crops

Bottles tins and cans
Have fallen from thoughtless hands
Never a bin used

Fountain waters cool
The marble keeps it constant
People drink thirstily

Conker on my head
Causes a lump I forget
Remembered when washed

Swings river bandstand
The beautiful Wandle clear
Laughter shouting fun

I went to Wandle
The beauty left me in awe
Everybody calm

Together we write
Talking about the Wandle
Its beauty on show

Travellers were here
By the Wandle Park river
Causing a nuisance

The leaves turning brown
The bandstand river and more
The Wandle story

The park has plenty
Of needles unfortunately
They are not from pines

What lurks in the pond
Hippopotamus or snake
Maybe dragonflies

Leaves on trees are clocks
Telling the time of seasons
In gold green and brown

There is sadness in
Crushed chestnuts their shiny brown
Lives exterminated

Do community
Gardeners dig Sundays so
Much when its raining

The Wandle flows soft
On summer days we forget
Her winter rages

The Wandle is host
To dippy flights of wagtails
Rather like my mind

Late summer sun shines
On the many shades of green
That fill winters void

Poetry Festival, Poets Anonymous – 4th July 2015

Poetry Festival

poets-anonymousPoets Anonymous, Croydon’s very own poetry group, is hosting an afternoon of poetry on the bandstand.

Date: Saturday, 4th July
Time: 1pm – 5pm
Place: Wandle Park bandstand

There will be readings from members of Poets Anonymous and guests, plus there will be the opportunity for you to come and read your own poetry.

Read, listen, enjoy!