Liveable Neighbourhoods

Croydon Council is proposing to submit a bid to Transport for London for a Liveable Neighbourhoods scheme in the area around Old Town and to the west of Croydon Town Centre, that hopes to encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport.

An initial proposal has been formulated that seeks  to reduce the severance on western side of the town centre caused by the Croydon Ring Road which is formed of Roman Way, Old Town, Mitcham Road to the immediate west and the Croydon Flyover to the south west of the town centre. It is up to six carriageway lanes wide in places and when built severed the local residential communities, making it inhospitable and difficult to walk or cycle into the town centre.

The Strategic Transport Team,in partnership with colleagues in Regeneration, Spatial Planning and Public Health, are keen to gather views on this proposal from organisations and individuals.You may live, work, visit or pass through these areas.

The Friends group will be looking at the proposal carefully as well and submitting a view but we would like to encourage local residents and park users to have a look at the proposal and complete the short online survey below.

You can complete the short online survey here: it closes on 16 November 2018.

Responses will be considered over the next few weeks and will be used to change and update the proposal bid to bring it more in line with what people have responded. If the bid is successful the project will commence in summer 2019 when there will be further engagement again to develop and refine our proposals.

If you have any specific questions and would like to find out more please email the Strategic Transport team

Liveable Neighbourhood Initial Ideas_leaflet


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